Frequently Asked Questions
What is Bullclix?

Bullclix is an advertising hub where people like you become members, for free, to earn money clicking ads and where advertisers display adverts to promote their ideas / products. Our ideal is that 'Everyone Wins' and that's what happens. Using very simple and practical methods you can earn or advertise on our site.

Most importantly: We are the outcome of several studies on advertising in the global internet market. And with our innovations and ideas, we have come to take our rightful place as leader of the pack. 

We use English as the main language for our service, due to its marketing impact worldwide. In the near future we will meet another goal of ours: To bring Bullclix to many other world wide languages. 

The current currency on our service is: USD ( Dollars ).

Feel safe, we are here to stay and grow with you.

I want to advertise my site ! As an advertiser you will get what you pay for. We are different because we care about our advertisers. This is what we offer you:

Advertisement Management:

  • You only need to submit your advertisements once.
  • You can pause, resume or delete them.
  • You may set a demographic filter or display to all members.
  • You can purchase clicks and distribute them between your advertisements.
  • You can access detailed statistics during and after your advertisement display.

Click Packs Management:

  • You purchase the amount of clicks you need.
  • You decide how many clicks go to each advertisement.

Demographic Exposure:

  • Choose to show your advertisement to the world or just a few countries.
  • Toggle the filter on and off and select different countries for each advertisement.

Anti-Fraud Protection:

  • Your advertisements will be shielded by the safest and strongest anti-cheat protection available today.
  • Clicks from hackers will never be accounted (but we may tell them they are)
How can I start earning?

Step 2 - Log into your account and click on 'View Advertisements'.  Each advertisers website that you view is worth real cash. You can earn up to 1 cents per page view! Keep coming back every day and your earning will grow and grow!

Our team wishes you success.

How much money can I earn and how to do this?

The earnings of every member depend on several factors, that is: the amount of ads to view, the type of account, the level of the member's engagement, the number of referrals the user has

Refunds not accepted !

We don't offer refunds.  To help you understand why, if you use a product than you have used it.  We can't predict the results that you are going to get because we don't know what your advertising or how it looks.

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